Creating a logo for your brand is never just enough, creating an effective one is all that matters. There are business names and there are names. What runs through your mind when you hear names like: Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola, Amazon, Facebook to name but a few. These are some brands and businesses that have successfully carved a niche for themselves on a global scale.

It is our aim to effectively answer in this article questions like,”These big businesses, how have they managed to thrive in an ever changing economy? Carve their logos on people’s mind and give the business the ‘big name’ it now has?

There are few essential tips to keep in mind when sourcing for a name and logo for your business;

Firstly, ensure the name you are giving your brand has not been used by someone else! This is absolutely vital, as you do not want to be sued for using someone else’s brand name. Besides, we want to build our brand, promote it and not just keep working for someone else without getting even a “thank you”. You can know if a name is not already in use by running it through Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), searching for the brand name on Google or knowing from companies if a domain is still available.

Another vital tip to keep in mind is simplicity! Ensure your brand is highly simple and relatable. If possible, a single name or one word should be the most preferred option. This will help you even in future product packaging. You may have to coin your own name or invent one, regardless, keep it simple! Make sure it is easy to pronounce as that would help when customers want to refer you to other intending clients. You certainly do not want to lose potential client because of your brand name, do you?

Also, your logo comes after your brand name. Keep in mind, that your logo and brand name are not separate entities but interwoven as they represent the same thing_ you! As much as you want to keep your brand name simple, ensure your logo is of high quality and it represents you well.

Lastly, every business should grow even as you the owner of the business grows. Infact, your business should outgrow you and span several years after you are gone, therefore, you want your brand name and logo to accommodate any future growth and increase your business may later experience. It is therefore of great necessity to bear this in mind when getting a brand name and a logo.

Creating an effective business name and logo is highly important. It is pertinent to keep these tips in mind when creating a brand name for yourself as it will give your business the boost it requires and the profit you yearn. Customers need to be able to trust and relate well with your business and you, and an effective brand name and logo can give you all that.

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